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Dragon Drops (c) 2017 Pencil Pixels
The distribution, resale, reverse engineering, layer emulation or derivative development from the copyrighted products of Pencil Pixels is strictly prohibited.(c)2017. By downloading and using the Photoshop Scripts, Elements Scripts, One-Click Actions or Layer Styles of PencilPixels, you are accepting and are bound by the terms of use of these products, and understand that they are the intellectual property of Pencil Pixels. Please contact us at www.PencilPixels.com/contact/ if you have questions or usability issues.

The images used are examples to show the results of Pencil Pixels scripting effects. Ownership of the original images are copyrighted to the individuals that have created them.
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Hint: Fade the effect by reducing the opacity of the DD layer style.

Hint: Different amounts of shading in the final effect are obtained by changing the original's contrast and density before using the Script.

Try it: With Elements 14 on the Mac, you can drag the script onto the image as well as the icon.

Dragon Drops bottle

Our Dragon Drop scripts work on Photoshop CS3 through CS6 and current versions on Creative Cloud, on Mac and Windows.
Scripts have been tested with Elements V13 & V14.
If you have earlier versions, download the scripts to test and please let us know the results. Both Photoshop and Elements, in International Language versions, should work correctly.

Please contact us if you have problems in downloading, encounter any issues or have suggestions. Be sure to indicate if you're on Mac or Windows, the version of Photoshop or Elements you are running, as well as screen grabs.