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Photoshop Scripts - Comic, Toon & Color Media Scripts
Pencil Pixels e-Pencil#1 Script
Pencil Pixels e-Pencil#2 Script
Pencil Pixels e-Pencil#3 Script
Pencil Pixels Rough Pencil Shading Script
Rough Pencil Shading
Pencil Pixels Fine Detail Pencils
Fine Pencils
Pencil Pixels e-Pencil#4 Script
Pencil Pixels Video Pencil for still Images
Shape-Line Pencil for Images
Pencil Pixels One-Click
Scripts, Actions & Dragon Drops
for Photoshop & Elements
Pencil Pixels Pencil Shade - Color Multifile script
Pencil Shade - Color Multifile
Pencil Pixels Storybook Classic Script
Storybook Classic
Pencil Pixels Storybook Art Scripts
Storybook Art
Pencil Pixels Storybook Impressionism Scripts
Storybook Impressionism

Photoshop Scripts - Comic, Toon & Color Media Scripts
Pencil Pixels Bento Box Series Comic Style Script
Bento Box Comic Style Effects
Pencil Pixels Grunge Comic Script
Grunge Comic Effect
Pencil Pixels Color Caricature Multifile Script
Caricature - Multifile
Pencil Pixels Bento Box Series Marker Style Script
Bento Box Marker Effects
Pencil Pixels Bento Box Series Watercolor Style Script
Bento Box Watercolor & B+W
Pencil Pixels Rough Color Drawing Script
Rough Color Drawing

Photoshop Scripts - Black & White, Effects
Pencil Pixels Black & White Enhancement 1
Black & White Enhancement 1
Pencil Pixels Black & White Enhancement 2
Black & White Enhancement 2
Pencil Pixels Video Pencil for Sequences
Video Pencil for Sequences
Pencil Pixels Glitter Art Script
Glitter Art
Pencil Pixels Leroy Neiman Effects Script
Leroy Neiman Effects
Pencil Pixels Surfaces Script

FREE Photoshop Scripts
Pencil Pixels Free 3D Effect
Pencil Pixels Pencil Shade Script
Pencil Shade
Pencil Pixels Autumn Enhancer Effect
Autumn Enhancer
Pencil Pixels Social Media Avatar Maker
Social Media Avatar Maker
Pencil Pixels Plaster Effect Script
Plaster Effect
Pencil Pixels Rain Script
Rain Effect
Pencil Pixels Simple Chocolate for Photoshop
Photoshop Scripts
Pencil Pixels Dragon Drops for Photoshop

Pencil Pixels - Script Effects for ELEMENTS
Pencil Pixels Watercolor Elements Script
Pencil Pixels Toon Elements Script
Pencil Pixels Rough Color Drawing Elements script
Rough Color Drawing
Pencil Pixels Rough Pencil Elements script
Rough Pencil
Pencil Pixels Leroy Neiman Elements Script
Leroy Neiman Effect - Multifile
Pencil Pixels Marker Elements Script
Pencil Pixels Caricature Elements script
Pencil Pixels Stained Glass Elements Script
Stained Glass
Pencil Pixels Comic Elements script
Comic - Multifile
Adobe Elements Scripts Pencil Pixels Storybook Elements script
Adobe Elements Scripts

FREE Elements Scripts
Pencil Pixels - Pencil Shade Free Elements script
Pencil Shade
Pencil Pixels Autumn Enhancement Free Elements script
Autumn Enhancement
Pencil Pixels Rain Free Elements script
Pencil Pixels Dragon Drops scripts for Elements
Elements Dragon Drops
Pencil Pixels Simple Chocolate for Elements
Pencil Pixels Media Borders and Textures Free Elements script
Media Borders & Textures

Photoshop Styles
Pencil Pixels 100 Vintage-Lomo-Instagram Styles
100 Vintage-Lomo-Instagram Styles
Pencil Pixels 80 Frame Styles
80 Frame Styles
Pencil Pixels Style Sets
for Photoshop

FREE Photoshop Styles
Pencil Pixels Photoshop Font Styles
Font Styles (13 pages)
Pencil Pixels Photoshop Frame Styles
Frame Styles (4 sets)
Pencil Pixels Photoshop Layer Effects Styles
Shape Styles
Pencil Pixels Photoshop Glitter Styles
Glitter Styles, Paint with Glitter
Pencil Pixels Photoshop one click Instagram and Lomo Styles
Instagram Moods and Lomo Styles
Pencil Pixels Photoshop Dragon Drops Scripts
Photoshop Dragon Drops

FREE Photoshop Tutorials
Pencil Pixels Graffiti Tutorial for Free Plaster Script
Graffiti Tutorial (w/ Free Plaster Effect)
Pencil Pixels Sand Art Style Tutorial from Free Sand Art Style
Sand Art Tutorial
Pencil Pixels Effects with Video Sequence Tutorial
Pencil Pixels Effects on Video

FREE Photoshop Panel Sized Art for Web
Pencil Pixels Watercolor Panel Script
Watercolor Square Panel
Pencil Pixels Marker Panel Art Script
Marker Effect Square Panel
Pencil Pixels Comic Panel Script
Comic Square Panel
Pencil Pixels Rough Pencil Panel Script
Rough Pencil Square Panel
Pencil Pixels Stained Glass Trial Script
Stained Glass Square Panel
Pencil Pixels Caricature Panel Art Script
Caricature Square Panel
Pencil Pixels Toon Effect Panel Script
Toon Square Panel

Photoshop ACTIONS
Pencil Pixels Volume 1 Actions
Volume 1 Actions
(Includes Easy Pencils, Watercolor, Metals-Foils and Chalks-Rough Drawings)
Pencil Pixels Easy Pencils Actions
Easy Pencils Action Set (part of Vol 1)
Pencil Pixels Painting Actions
Painting Actions (part of Vol 2)
Pencil Pixels Volume 2 Actions
Volume 2 Actions
(Includes Painting, Stained Glass and Comic-Toon)
Pencil Pixels Metal & Foil Actions
Metal & Foil Actions (part of Vol 1)
Pencil Pixels Stained Glass Actions
Stained Glass Actions (part of Vol 2)
Atmospheres Volume Actions
Atmospheres Actions Volume
Blackboard, Color Pencil, Chocolate, Pebbles, Tiles, Newspaper, Camouflage, Fingerpaint, Boilerplate
Pencil Pixels Watercolor Actions
Watercolor Actions (part of Vol 1)
Pencil Pixels Comic & Toon Actions
Comic & Toon Actions (part of Vol 2)
Action Sets Pencil Pixels Chalks & Rough Drawing Actions
Chalks & Rough Drawing Actions
(part of Vol 1)
Action Sets
Pencil Pixels develops unique Photoshop Scripts and Actions, some for Elements too, and now a 'Dragon Drops' set of image mood changers, that offer a one-click transformation of images into realistic and impactful art media styles. Pencil sketchs, watercolor effects, colored pencil effects, cartoon effects, comic book effect, chalk effects, storybook, in fact over 100 One-Click Scripts and Actions.

An invaluable asset for anyone who posts to social media, produces newsletters, creates presentations, corporate art, storyboards, scrapbook themes, sales literature and much more. These one-click actions work wonders on Stock Photography, Charts, Social Media, Smartphone images, Wallpaper images, as well as video projects!

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