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Carpe Fonts!!
Photoshop Styles:
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For styles that are best suited for text fonts we have numerous free style downoads here.
Sand Art Styles rules

Satin Styles rules

Tie Tac Styles rules

ICE Styles rules

Pendant Styles rules

Horizon Styles including Shiny and Flat rules

Gold Style rules
My 3 LovesThe styles were developed for screen resolution. If you are using a style on a very large or very small graphic, shape or font, you may need to scale the style effect higher or lower. You can do that by selecting 'Layer' >> 'Layer Style' >> 'Scale Effects ...' from the drop down menu.  Once a style is applied to a shape or text, by selecting 'Scale Effects ...' you can change the appearance of the effect. At left is the style scaled ~ 30%, Normal 100% and ~250% rules

Eyeball Styles - Draw a circle, fill with White and apply the style - Scale as needed rules

White Glass Style rules

Blue Style rules

Green Plastic Style rules

Gold Style rules
Art tools of my past making Photoshop tools of the future - PencilPixels
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Font and Shape

One-Click Frame

If you're unsure how to install Styles in your Photoshop application,
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Start with good art and get better results. Here are some Free Photoshop Shape sets from artists well worth a look at.

45 Hearts

Hero Shapes

More Ladies

Skater Collection

Stiched Speech bubbles