Don't have the time of the resources? services does it for you
In addition to creating the One-Click Actions, we also offer the service of taking your image and modify it with any of our Pencil Pixels Actions, some of which are available for purchase as well as other Actions currently unavailable online.

This service includes pre-work we would do to the original image to optimize it for the particular Action effect. For instance, we may do some retouching, skin smoothing, silhouetting or color and contrast corrections before applying the Action. Also, we may want to vary the final result to better fit the subject matter.

Pencil Pixels will turn your digital image into any of our available effects. Our service can turn around your artwork quickly and inexpensively into a digital file. They make memorable events into wonderful gifts or scrapbook inserts or can add to the services you sell. Unlike our commercial products, these services are custom, so we can provide results suitable for printing and large scale projects.

Not sure that the effect will work with your image? Provide us with your image and we'll provide you with a free no-cost sample section of the image with the effect applied.

The art services we prepare are invoiced per project.
Please contact us with the specific details of your needs. A standard 2000 pixel image with the "Art Effect" of choice starts at $24.95.
Quantity discounts are available.

Keep in mind though that some effects aren't suitable for all types of images. Sample images submitted should be at least 1000-3000 pixels wide and would achieve expected results if the image has a proper exposure, lighting and sharpness. Understand that blurred, dark images will yield poor results for almost any online plug-in or action.

"Convince me sample requests" can be sent to us from our contact page - contact us. Please let us know your specific requirements. Images must be in JPG format and less than 3MB. Please read our terms of use before submitting images.

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