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Not Actions, not Scripts, but Styles. One Click change in mood for your images. There are two sets of styles to download.

This set is based on the iPhone® Instagram® App styles. These are the standard instagram effects that launched the lomographic trend in vintage-like social network images.  Lomography, or lomo, in today's meaning is a movement toward applying effects to 'degrade' an image in order to make it appear vintaged or nostalgic. Usually made by shifting the shadows away from its normal color, and shifting the highlights in the opposite direction.

Pencil Pixels has gone a uniquely different route by creating these effects (and more) by using the style attributes in Photoshop's layers.

Instagram Styles
See terms of use
Like all Photoshop styles, they can not be applied to the Background layer. You can either rename this layer or duplicate the layer and then apply a style.

It is good practice to remove a previously applied style before applying a new one.
instagram 1977 effect by PencilPixels instagram Walden effect by PencilPixels instagram Inkwell effect by PencilPixels instagram Nashville effect by PencilPixels
Best Practices 1977 Walden Inkwell Nashville
instagram Hefe effect by PencilPixels instagram Lomo fi effect by PencilPixels instagram Earlybird effect by PencilPixels instagram Brannan effect by PencilPixels instagram Valencia effect by PencilPixels
Hefe Lomo Fi Earlybird Brannan Valencia
instagram x-Pro II effect by PencilPixels instagram Sutro effect by PencilPixels instagram Hudson effect by PencilPixels instagram Kelvin effect by PencilPixels instagram Sierra effect by PencilPixels
x-Pro II Sutro Hudson Kelvin Sierra
instagram Rise effect by PencilPixels instagram Toaster effect by PencilPixels instagram Willow effect by PencilPixels instagram Mayfair effect by PencilPixels instagram Amaro effect by PencilPixels
Rise Toaster Willow Mayfair Amaro

Photoshop Image Effect Gradients. Similar in use to the camera filters by Tiffin® that adds a tonality of color and fades to the original tones.

In this set are Red, Orange, Yellow, Sepia, Lemon-Lime, Green, Aqua, Steel, Blue, Violet, Magenta, Rose, Gray and Neutral Density styles.

You can change the effect's appearance, by editing the style once it is applied. The Gradient Overlay attribute of the style is initially set to 'Color'. By changing the blend mode of the Gradient Overlay, you can achieve different color values as it mixes with the images original colors.

Color Gradient Styles
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PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Orange PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Yellow PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Aqua PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Rose SteelOrange
Orange Gradient Yellow Gradient Aqua Gradient Rose Gradient Steel Gradient
PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Purple PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Purple Blend example PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Purple Blend example PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Purple Blend example PencilPixels Gradient Overlay Example - Purple Blend example
Purple Gradient Gradient mode to vivid Gradient mode to overlay Gradient mode to hardlight Gradient mode to screen

**Terms of use
The Instagram Styles and the Color Gradient Styles are the development products of Pencil Pixels. They are free to download and use for personal and professional work. By downloading, you agree to these terms of use. The Pencil Pixels styles are not to be resold, redistributed, reengineered or used in substance, in part or in whole for the development of any competing Photoshop Style product or service.

So, since we are Pencil Pixels, the company that reinvented one-click art effects, we didn't stop here.
We have a huge number of image effects that emulate the bad processing habits, the mishaps of handling, the left to age in a box type of effects that makes bad, look good.

Here are some of the 100+ one-click style effect you can apply to images. More details and purchase are here.
More ...

See the Flip Book Album using some of the Pencil Pixels Lomo Style effects.

Miranda camera - First at the Beach
Pencil Pixels Rain Drops on lense effect Pencil Pixels Kodachrome effect Pencil Pixels Ektachrome effect Pencil Pixels Light fogging during film processing effect Pencil Pixels Winter Style effect
Rain drops on lens Kodachrome Lomo Underexposed Ektachrome Processing light fogging Winter
Pencil Pixels 1955 Color Print Style effect Pencil Pixels Grunge Photo Style effect Pencil Pixels Sun Faded Style effect Pencil Pixels Moon LIte Night Style effect Pencil Pixels Distressed Photo Style effect
1955 Color Print Grunge Print Sun Faded

Moonlight Distressed Photo
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