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Bento Box Series - Comics

This Script produces 22 comic effects. For your convenience it comes as 3 scripts. A Full version where all 22 effects are generated. And two additional scripts containing 11 effects in each.  Turn any image, or set of images into different styles of comic art with just one click.  Compose a comic page first, or composite your results after the Photoshop effect.  The comic art styles were based on common elements found in numerous artists' use of shading, texture and line work.  The script provides the ease of a one-click creation that would normally take hours to draw and fill.

Similar to our Multifile Scripts - Each effect is saved as a 'Snapshot' in the History pallet. When the script is completed, just select any of the history states or snapshots and that effect will be editable. All the layers that make up that effect are available in the layers pallet to adjust if you like.  Like our actions, you can vary the effect by changing the opacity of the different effect layers.

This Art Script effect works best with a wide variety of images from portraits to landscapes. Best suited to portraits and subjects on a simple or plain background. The effects are outstanding when used on images where the subject is in a dramatic pose or has intense facial expressions or where the camera angle is extreme, just like the subject matter of … comics!

Click on the thumbnails to see the 22 effects on the full size images.

Free TalkBubble Styles
Styles File (.asl)
Draw a Talk Bubble shape on a seporate layer and apply one of these styles
... by Pencil Pixels

TalkBubble Shapes come with Photoshop.
Need More? Graphicsoft

Another excellent set of Talk bubble shapes at

Bento Box Comic Effects. The Evaluation and the purchasable Script generate all 22 effects. You to choose which
appearance works the best for your original images' tone, lighting and its use. The sample images above were
chosen from the variations made by this script.

Free Evaluation Script Download from Penci PixelsEvaluation Download.
Evaluation Scripts have a watermark, but no size or timeout restrictions and are used to evaluate how
it will look on your specific images. For our Bento Box series, the Photoshop layers in the evaluation
scripts are flattened.

Evaluate if the effect works to your expectation BEFORE purchasing. Important. Here's why.

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We also have 3 FREE
Bento Box Trial Scripts.
-Watercolor/B&W Tone
-Markers              Here


Matchprint #1 Original Download Matchprint #1 Download of the Pp effect
See Original Matchprint See Matchprint with the effect
Matchprint #2 Original Download Matchprint #2 Download of the Pp effect
See Original Matchprint See Matchprint with the effect

Hint: Increasing the contrast or the saturation of the original before hand, can intensifiy the effects.

How to use Photoshop Scripts?  Its as easy as Actions ... more.

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Our scripts work on Photoshop CS through CS6, on Mac and Windows.
No plugins required.

Please contact us if you have problems in downloading, encounter any issues or have suggestions. Be sure to indicate if you're on Mac or Windows and the version of Photoshop you are running.
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