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Painting and Textures

• Painting includes 10 Actions
• For English language version Photoshop only.
• PSD layers are available for modification. Transform your photos into various art styles by using these Action Effects or our services. Bloggers, designers, portrait and sports photographers can easily increase sales by offering specialty art products.
• Best suited for web and social media images.
• Actions can be combined to add to the visual effect.
• PencilPixel Actions have been tested on OS X and Windows, for Photoshop CS1 through CS6 & CC.

The actions in this set are:
Canvas Painting
Oil Paint
Painting Base Texture 1
Painting Base Texture 2
Paint Strokes
Brush Texture
Light Brush Texture
Canvas Texture
Paper Surface

Looking for more?
These Actions are included in the Volume 2 Actions set.

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Painting Actions
Pencil Pixels Photoshop Effects Sample Galleries

M - Matchprints were developed to show the direct comparison between an original image, containing several different photos and lighting, to the resulting image.

Download a zip file with the
Matchprints for any Action set.

1    2    3    4    5    M

Oil Paint
1    2    3    4    M

1    2    3    4    M

Painting Base 1
1    2    3    M

Painting Base 2
1    2    3    M

Paint Strokes
1    2    3    4    M

Brush Texture
1    2    3    M

Canvas Texture
1    M

Paper Surface
1     2     3    M

Not sure if the action is suitable for an art treatment you have in mind?
Email us your sample image and request the action to be used for a sample review file.

For the free no-cost sample, images must be provided as JPG format and less than 2MB. Please read our terms of use before submitting images.

The image uploads are intended for pre-sales evaluations.  If you have inquiries or pre-sales questions, please let us know or use the form to send your own image for the effect to be applied.

Evaluate if the effect works to your expectation BEFORE purchasing. Important. Here's why.

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Keep in mind that some images aren't suitable for some types of effects. Please, don't send very dark, muddy or blurred images. Send the best you have, the results will be better.
Images submitted should be between 400-2000 pixels and would achieve expected results if the image has a proper exposure and sharpness.

I have read & agree to Purchase License Terms.
No PayPal account is needed
Pencil Pixels Painting One-Click Instant Art - $25
Currently English Language version only.

Where do I download the purchased file?
Please contact us if you have problems in downloading, encounter any issues or have suggestions. Also indicate if you're on OS X or Windows and the version of Photoshop being used.
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