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In the Style of Leroy Neiman - This Multi-File Script makes ten variations of the Neiman style of painting. Great for Sports and Action images where the subject is prominent in the frame.  Run this Photoshop Script to produce 10 History Snapshots for you to choose the one best suited to the image.  

Each variation has multiple layers that can be altered to modify the effect.  Experiment with opacity of layers to intensify or subdue any effect layers. Depending on the effect, various layers allow you to alter the Color, Texture, Density, Line Tone, etc. Adjusting the layers, for opacity, visibility or blend mode, changes the appearance of the effect and allow you to customize the result.

Click on a thumbnail below for the image made with one of the effects. Slide the vertical bar to reveal more or less of the before and after appearance.

In the Style of Leroy Neiman. The Evaluation and the Purchasable Script generate 10 variations. You choose which
appearance works the best for your original images' tone, lighting and its use. The sample images above were
chosen from the variations made by this script.

Free Evaluation Script Download from Penci PixelsEvaluation Download.
Evaluation Scripts have a watermark, but no size or timeout restrictions and are used to evaluate how
it will look on your specific images. The Photoshop layers in the evaluation scripts are not flattened.

Evaluate if the effect works to your expectation BEFORE purchasing. Important. Here's why.

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Hint: To increase the strength of the effect, increase the saturation of the image first.

Hint: To make a image with a focused area of interest, desaturate the other parts of the image before using the effect.

Matchprint #1 Original Download Matchprint #1 Download of the Pp effect
See Original Matchprint See Matchprint with the effect
Matchprint #2 Original Download Matchprint #2 Download of the Pp effect
See Original Matchprint See Matchprint with the effect

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Our scripts work on Photoshop CS through CS6, on Mac and Windows.
No plugins required. Our Scripts use the core technology of Photoshop's layers, modes and filters.

Please contact us if you have problems in downloading, encounter any issues or have suggestions. Be sure to indicate if you're on Mac or Windows and the version of Photoshop you are running.