How to use Scripts with Elements

There is Good and Easy news;
To run a script developed for Elements there are two methods that work.

1 - With an image open in Elements...
File Menu --> Open -->
(in the dialog box select 'Enable all documents')
then select script_name.jsx

script_name.jsx  being any script you want to run.

2 - With an image open in Elements...
Drag the script onto the Elements application icon

NOTE: In Elements 14 on Mac OS X, you can also drag and drop the script file into the image that is open in Elements.

Elements doesn't seem to have access from within the application to select a script. Although, as of Elements 14, there is a 'Scripts' folder for Elements, that is found;

[in Windows] C:/Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop Elements 14/Presets/Scripts

[in Apple] Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 --> Support Files --> Scripts

How to load and use styles with Elements

A good tutorial for loading Styles (Elements 10.0 in Windows)

Load Styles       Use Styles

If you have questions,please contact us about our Scripts.

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