Pencil Pixels - Photoshop Scripts, Actions, Pencil Sketches, Watercolor, Cartoon, Comics, Frames and Styles

Storybook Impressionism - This new Photoshop Script is one of eight Storybook Multi-file Scripts available


Pencil Pixels develops unique sets of Photoshop Scripts and Actions that offer a one-mouse-click transformation of images into realistic and impactful art media styles. Pencil sketchs, watercolor effects, colored pencil effects, cartoon effects, comic book effect, chalk effects, in fact over 100 One-Click Scripts and Actions

An invaluable asset for anyone who produces newsletters, annual report art, storyboards, scrapbook themes, sales literature and much more. And why be limited to photos? These one-mouse-click actions work wonders on Stock Photography, Charts and Graphs, as well as video projects!

Take a look at the samples in our galleries. Remember they are all produced with one-mouse-click.